Pamper Series: Aromatic Cream Candles with GOA

More and more of us are finding that there’s little time to relax. From the moment you wake, you are on the go because of your job, your kids, working from home, travel – the list is endless.

Count Your Blessings

I think it’s incredibly important to take time out to catch your breath, count your blessings and find that moment of zen to stay focused, healthy and able. I do that as often as I can because some times things can get intensely overwhelming. The aromatic cream candles from GOA (£11) can help you achieve some tranquility (roughly 30 hours of it and they come in a choice of twelve perfumes) in an otherwise hectic world.


These candles are simply delicious! It’s a weird word to use to describe them but I can’t think of another and frankly, I don’t want to.  These creamy textured candles are ideal for a relaxing moment of pampering and they really do set the mood for it.

Paitence is A Virture

goa-cream-candles-blue-purple-green-jasmine-raychelsaysI was home alone after a busy weekend and decided to create a tranquil moment. My face mask was on, my green tea made and I lit the *purple Jasmin Ylang cream candle. Sadly, I was not impressed, I had expected an immediate burst of Jasmin in the air and nothing! I then lit the *blue Patchouli Cedrat cream candle and then the *green Fleurde Tiare and had to answer my door for a delivery…urgh annoyed!

When I stepped back into my living room, the room was filled with a gorgeoulsy, addictive fragrance and golden light. It was brilliant – the Goa aromatic candles were giving off lovely, perfumed scents.  The rich, colourful candles in their glass holders added to the transformation of the ambience in the room.


I would advise against lighting 3 candles, just be patient (I clearly wasn’t lol). It was pretty lucky that the scents I received blended well together so it wasn’t coying. 1 candle is enough to have a subtle fragrance.

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Enjoy xoxo

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