Pamper Series: Delight your senses with Cashmere Me

Finding Your Inner Peace

There are 101 ways of finding your inner peace. I tend to think it lies somewhere between climbing into bed with fresh, cool, crisp sheets (sheer bliss),  good company and stepping into a well scented space. These just work for me!

Cashmere Me

The Cashmere Me Sense Caress Reed Diffuser (£17) helps you create a space that soothes your mind and caresses your senses, two things you want after a busy day. Now combine that with fresh, crisp sheets as you climb into bed. UH-MAZING!!

From a more practical stand point of the Sense Caress Reed Diffuser, it comes with 100 ml of the scented oil/fragrance and I appreciate the added décor a reed diffuser adds to a home.


Effortless Simplicity.

From my stand point, I feel that reed diffusers are becoming quite popular, and the look and design of them are testament to why.

The packing of this particular product is a simple, clean and elegant. The delicate glass jar contains a scent that is quite subtle – a soft, creamy vanilla fragrance infused with the floral White Lily and Moroccan Jasmine. The added exotic  musk is a blend of Velvet Woods, Warm Amber that adds character. It’s just fab to walk through your front door to a gorgeous smelling home after being out all day.

Let me know your thoughts guys xoxo



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