Three Ways to Improve Your Wellness in 2021

Sleep is a Myth

I don’t know about you but sleep has been a myth for many, many months now. It’s like a weird insomnia situation some nights and it just, won’t budge. Coronasomina is my new word and the word is staying.

If, like me, you’re struggling to find ways to improve your sleep, here are a couple of tips I hope you find useful. They are all pretty simple, minor tweaks you can make and won’t break the bank!


Vitamin C Skin and Body Care

I decided to try these products to help me with the above. I found that linking how I start the day is a great prelude to how I end the day. So, I use the new Wet Skin Face Moisturiser from Sanctuary’s Wet Skin franchise into facial skincare, it’s been great to explore their new moisturiser and see what it’s all about. Powered with a blend of Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, fruit extracts and caffeine, this moisturiser is part of the daily defence team creating a hydrating barrier against the effects of pollution for radiant skin!! It’s fragrant and fresh and lingers throughout the day.


Wet Skin Face Moisturiser  –  £10.87 // Glow Boost Body Serum – £7.50

Sale prices at

The Glow Boost Body Serum is designed to give your skin a boost of radiance basically giving your body deserves the same attention as your face (from the above). This is the first body serum on the high street supercharged with Vitamin C, also including turmeric oil and caffeine to stimulate circulation and transform dull, uneven skin. It’s super lightweight, designed to leave the skin ultra hydrated and not “clammy” –  I sometimes use it like a “primer”, so the serum plus my regular moisturiser. 1 point to me!!


Now this step is a super simple one. Drink more water. Water is technically your best friend through life. Staying hydrated during the day (and less intoxicated) helps me a lot as I feel fuller for long. It minimises the cravings for late night snacks or sweets, thus allowing me to have an uninterrupted wind down to the land of Nod. 2 point to me!

Sanctuary Spa Sleep Mist

The nexts tep helps to bring your day to a close. The Sanctuary Spa Sleep Mist is a high-performance mist that works to help you have a better night’s sleep as well as providing long-lasting hydration to combat signs of fine lines, ageing and fatigue. One of the key elements in this product is Oxygeskin® and it’s there to reactivate the skin’s oxygenation mechanisms and limit the damage caused to the skin by blue light after a day of computer and phone screen exposure, things we do on a daily basis!


Sanctuary Spa Sleep Mist – £9.00

Sale price at

I gave myself a week with the Sanctuary Spa Sleep Mist to see how I would react to it and to also see if it would improve my sleep routine. Focusing on a sleep routine allowed me to turn it into a bit of a ritual and that helped me unwind in the best way. With bedtime in my sights, after I finish my skincare routine and then spray this gorgeously scented mist onto my sheets and pillows. The scent is delicate and unintrusive, you can smell notes of lavender, white flowers and jasmine – and the mist is safe to spray on your skin too.

This hybrid sleep mist is meant to help you drift off into a peaceful slumber, whilst treating your skin to a night-time detox. It’s described as “a relaxing blend of plant-based Circagenyl®, botanical oils and Hyaluronic Acid….encourages skin cell renewal, whilst the scientifically proven scent helps *you to fall asleep faster for longer and even improves the quality of your sleep and mood when you wake”.

I did notice that i set off to sleep faster and I woke up feeling rested and that ladies and gents… is another point to me.

What do you do to help form better routines?


*2 week study, Nov 2019 & Jan 2020, 120 self-assessed poor sleepers & 60 self-assessed good sleepers, females 25-55

ELOISE Beauty x Afro Curls

Which Palette?

I don’t know about you BUT…when it comes to eyeshadow palette, I can get thrown by what to use or which recommendation to follow. There are so many available and so many great ones too. It reached the point where I try to ignore everyone and just do my own research based on what looks i want to create. Enter Eloise – The Queen Eyeshadow Palette.


The Queen

The Queen eyeshadow palette from Eloise is truly fantastic and is the eyeshadow palette you’ve been looking for. It is highly pigmented, beautiful to put on and has shades for DAYS!! I love the ethos behind this palette and how each product is put together.


The Queen eyeshadow palette is described to possess immense energy of life, femininity and strength. Each colour tells a story, each colour holds infinite power and carries a unique narrative. In all honesty, once I finish a look using these colours – this is how i feel!!


With an invitation like this – “Our highly pigmented colours, which are suitable for all ranges of skin tones, are inspired by stories; tales and legends of Kingdoms, taking you through a journey in time from the past to the present.” How could you say no?


Have you tried this palette? What did you think?


Graphic Liner – It’s All About The Lines

Sharp Lines

I spent most of 2020 either confused by Covid restrictions or playing with graphic eye liners and looks. This is my fave shape so far but I look forward to showcasing some more.



Like anything eyeliner related – especially when working with a gel or liquid, just take your time and pace yourself. Patience is key in all this and of course, with a variety of lines and shapes available to you – practice makes perfect.



Products used are my life long faves from Illamasqua – the gorgeous gel liner in Infinity price £21.00 and the Mac Cosmetics 210 precise eyeliner brush. This brush is synthetic and is extra fine – brillant for detailing and designs. Priced at £16.50.


All Smiles x MissGuided


Missguided Mini Dress Long Sleeves Tie Dye Print // ASOS// £20 


Photography by RZLPix

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