Hullo and welcome! There are often questions surrounding the integrity of bloggers so I’ve put  together a little disclaimer to cover any grey areas that may up. If I’ve missed anything or you would like to send some blog requests, please contact me on info@raychelsays.com 


One of the perks of being a blogger means free items to review in exchange for product placement on my blog. Please note, I am selective on what I review. If I wouldn’t buy it myself or I don’t feel super comfortable to promote it, I will say so in my post (depending on the brand’s preference) . All thoughts and opinions are my own. As of 01/01/2016 – all items marked with an * or stated as PR products or gifted, are products that have been kindly gifted to me.


When it comes to sponsored post or links, I have a few bits of housekeeping 🙂 .

Although SEO is an important part of being on the internet (my mind still boggles with the constant learning) , I do not accept pure SEO-based posts that don’t benefit me in any way. Of course content that is related to my blog will be considered – (deep bills to pay lol)! When it comes to posting content on my site, I do not accept text that is pre-drafted, this is because I want my blog to remain true to my voice and personality. Prices for sponsored posts vary depending on the work and social media support that goes into them.


Images that go along with my blog are either taken by myself or received from the PR companies for the product (hi-res images). All images or content that appear on the site are also copyright to their respective owners. They are readily available in various places on the Internet, therefore I, Raychel Says claim NO CREDIT for them unless otherwise stated. If you own the rights to any of the images or if any content appearing on this site infringes on your copyright, please notify my team and they will be promptly removed.

I appreciate that things on the internet get shared, and although that’s fine – please link back to my website as the source, if you use my images.


If you would like to collaborate in any shape or form, please get in touch on info@raychelsays.com. My prices do tend to vary for different types of posts, so please send over your specifications when popping me an email.

Look forward to working with you soon!