The Difficult One

There’s always one person in your family or out of your friends who is tricky to buy for. They tend to be the one who has everything, the one who can seem picky or simply the one who doesn’t ask for gifts because people never seem get it right.

Well, why not err on the side of practical this year and gift them a No Mo-Stache pressie?!

No Mo-Stache

Available at Cult Beauty, No Mo-Stache makes hair removal as easy and accessible to those on the go all the time! It’s quick, easy and mess-free with ‘pre-prepared’ wax strips that you can grab from your purse and tidy upper lips, brows or bikini lines. Simply warm ’em up in your hands and apply!

No Mo-Stache comes in four key lines and first off is the No Mo-Stache Facial Razor !



No more peach fuzz with this sharp, precise and reusable facial razor no matter where you are (£6.50).


No Mo-Unibrow Brow Wax Kit – 24 pieces of individual hypoallergenic wax strips to eliminate unwanted stray hairs. It’s in a portable tin can be stashed in your bag – (£13.20)


No Mo-Stache Lip Wax Kit – Those pesky stray upper lip hairs? All gone in a sec (£9.90)


No Mo-Bush Bikini Wax Kit – 16 pieces of individual hypoallergenic wax strips to help with at home waxing stations? DONE! (£9.90)


Created by fashion executive Gita Vasseghi give the gift of extra preparedness for the loved one who has it all. These pre-waxed strips from No Mo-Stache will ensure that you’re always ready so you don’t have to get ready!

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