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Something New This Way Comes….

As per usual, I’m always on the look out for brands I haven’t tried before. I do think it’s good practice to explore other brands as you never know what you might come across. Over the last few months, this UK brand XIP – Professional has been the brand I’ve been exploring!

XIP – Professional


I was lucky to receive a sample of the *Golden Touch Sculpting Palette (£28.00), the *Sculpting Cream Brush (£18.95) and the *Opal Black Mascara (£19.00). The ideology behind XIP Professional products is to help women achieve and exude their natural beauty flawlessly, using professional products. This is definitely the goal for every make-up enthusiast, so I was very keen to see what XIP Professional had to offer.

Opening my package, I discovered each product came in a pristine, white box with gold, trim borders. It was perfect in terms of making a first impression as it was already exuding  the “Xtremely Important Person” vibe. Clean, classic and elegant.

Beat That Face

The first product I used was the *Golden Touch Sculpting Palette with the  *Sculpting Cream Brush. Both products were keeping in the white and gold theme. I dutifully followed the instructions on using the brush with the product to achieve the flawless finish I was hoping for and began the journey that is to contour one’s face!

I absolutely loved using the *Sculpting Cream Brush. The balance, weight and feel was what I would expect to find in a brush. It’s a cruelty free product and the high quality synthetic bristles were soft and moulded into the cream product nicely and, also followed the contours of my face smoothly too.


When it came to *Golden Touch Sculpting Palette , I was a teeny bit worried on the colour match as it seemed a little too light for me, but it wasn’t overly problematic as I was still able to use some of the colours. The colours in the palette are: Cream, champagne, peach, light brown, milk chocolate brown, tan.

I used the peach colour to help neutralise any blemishes and dark circles as it worked best as a colour corrector for me. I then used the lighter colours to act as a highlighter (mainly the light brown but I did try the cream and champagne colours to see which worked best as a highlighter). The finish of the product was lovely, it’s definitely a product you should work fast with and blend, that’s pretty much the golden rule with many cream based products. There’s nothing more annoying than a product “drying” out and not being perfectly placed. I didn’t have to use too much of the product as I found less to be more in this case. Pairing this product with the *Sculpting Cream Brush was quite nice as it was a great tool to use.

The *Golden Touch Sculpting Palette  is something I would recommend to friends who would suit the colour palette of this product.

Eyes, Eyes, Eyes


Seeing as I missed the queue when God was giving out lengthy eyelashes , I have an unquenchable LOVE for a good mascara or a false lash!! The *Opal Black Mascara  didn’t disappoint at all. It has two brushes, one described as the volume brush and the other as the precision brush. I used (and still use) the precision brush to focus on the corner of my eyes and my lower lashes, keeping the lash lengthening volume brush for my upper lashes. The results were fab and again, definitely a product I would continue to use and one I would recommend to others. It had a nice grip to it and it also stayed within the gold and white sleek product design.

Have you tried XIP – Professional products before? How did you find it?

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