Are You Sitting Comfortably?

So…..Covid 19 hit, it of course gained a nickname (Rona) and turned life as we know it, on its head!

Terms like social distancing, quarantining, stay alert are near enough a constant now but..despite living in a more restricted setting – something you can control are your levels of comfort. Read below and enter into all things Femme Luxe Finery to find out how!


When it comes to loungewear and comfort, I tend to err on the side of sports brands – its a weird go-to I have, so when the team at Femme Luxe Finery  reached out and gifted a few items from their loungewear section, I knew someone, somewhere was trying to tell me something. Branch out!

I did my research before I picked my items, snooped around the web to see what people had to say about it and it was all relatively balanced. Like any online brand, things are going to fit you well or they won’t, you’re going to question the quality of the products, question the price range and also the delivery experience.

Let’s Lounge

Femme Luxe Finery tries to sit along your ASOS’s, Misguided’s or Shein’s etc so you already know where to place it and where to place your expectations. The site is super bright and has a great colour theme but it’s designed to dazzle and sell as opposed to allure. It definitely sells “a look”. Not all items are available so it was annoying it was still displayed. Exploring the lounge sets, the prices started on roughly on average from £12.99+  (certain tops or shorts were a bit cheaper) and it seems like you could get quite a bit for your buck!

I don’t know about you but I love comfy joggers, it just screams comfort and ease to me. You can dress ’em up or down and you’re good to go on any given day. This navy pair was cool, it felt against my skin but quite tight for a size M.


Wearing size M in Navy Cuffed Joggers in Lizzie  / on sale at £15.99 

Now the ribbed loungewear sets offer you something a little different. Super comfortable to chill at home in and when you wack on some heels – it changes the vibe immediately. Best fit of the bunch and I liked the fact that your midriff is on display just a bit. It’s sexy, super flirty as it can show off a gorgeous bra or bralet underneath (if you opt for one).


Wearing M/L in the Black Ribbed lounge set in Romina / on sale at £25.99


Femme Luxe Finery’s also has a knitted loungewear sets  section. It was the smallest section (probably because of the season… I mean London is stunning us with some serious sunshine now!).

Although I liked the overall look of this set and the colour detail on the model, it did not translate into real life.  It’s not an outfit I would recommend. This entire outfit looked and felt cheap to me. The top sat tight on me with minimal arm movement…as long as I didn’t move. It wasn’t the best for me when I was more “active” as the top would roll up. Like Romina above – the vibe switches when you wear heels, but it looks like you’re wearing wooly leggings… is that the vibe you want? Also,  make sure you’re wearing a matching underwear set as it’s quite see-through.


Wearing M/L in the Black Knitted Stripe Off The Shoulder Loungewear Set in Lynnie / on sale at £29.99


With Primark closed due to CoVid,  I would recommend Femme Luxe Finery as a last resort to be bought at sale prices only if you don’t mind buying disposable clothing as the quality is “so-so”.  Definitely wash before you wear it as my contents arrived with an odd smell to it. You know exactly what to expect, it’s cheap loungewear to be worn at home or for a quick trip to the shops.

Have you shopped at Femme Luxe Finery ? Share your thoughts below.


*was a sponsored post but they decided they hadn’t agreed on a rate and didn’t pay. Not a brand to work with*