7 Ways to Stay Focused

Busy Bumble Bee…?!?

In the ever changing world, I sometimes find myself scrabbling from point A to B to C. I don’t know about you but I hate it. I’m left feeling agitated and unorganised and that totally throws me off. YUCK!

Here are my 7 Ways to Stay Focused and they work a treat!

7 Ways to Stay Focused

1. Sleep


You might not realise but a good nights rest can do wonders for your peace of mind. I usually aim for 7-8 hours of sleep as I’m up early to work out and if I’m not rested, doing any form of cardio or HIIT (high intensity interval training) is so much harder to do. A good night’s sleep means that I wake up when I ‘m supposed to, energised and ready to face the day!

2. Affirmations


My daily mantra – I am happy and thankful for…

I list all the things I am happy and thankful for. Especially my personal goals.  Keeping track of what I have makes me fee so grateful and focused. It highlights the hard work I put into my goals and what it took for them to be achieved. I concentrate on what I have and the joy it brings, knowing that anything else I bring into my sphere is an incredible blessing

3. Eat healthily


Feed yourself and make it good!! I spend time at the gym pushing my body, I constantly have my nose in a book, feeding my mind. When it comes to my body  eating healthy ties all of the above in. I’m still working on being as healthy as I can – but eating healthy is the focus. I find that some food can make you feel bloated or sluggish and that’s just not what I want throughout the day.

4. Clean work space


Do you ever find that when your desk or work space is in a mess or cluttered, your mind feels that way too? For me, my work space is a reflecting of my mind. I try to keep it clear and organised at all times. It helps me stay centred.

5. To Do Lists


Arrgghhh lists!! I love lists, there’s something SATISFYING about ticking an action off your list. I find that listing what I have to get done that hour, that day etc. keeps me focused. Everything time I tick something off, I’m one step closer to my goal having hit my achievement for the day.

6. Take Regular Breaks


All work and no play?! No thanks!! I think it’s super important to take a break, and often. Working on projects you love don’t always benefit from a tired, stressed out individual. Take time out, get some fresh air, do something social or just work out. Take the time to smell the roses people!

7 . Enjoy What you do



I think it’s very important to enjoy what you do. You might be in a job you don’t enjoy but if there is an element that you enjoy or that pushes you to grow, savour it. Let it fuel you to find your passions. It really does make a difference.

I haven’t always been able to work on what I live completely. Now that I’m in that position , waking up in the mornings is so different. I’m excited about my day.

Let me know if these little tips help you? What do you do to stay focused?




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