Book 2017, Chapter 1, Day 3

In all the years of walking on this earth (thank you Father), 2016 was by far the most entertaining, the most baffling, the most heart wrenching, the most disappointing and the most illuminating year for humanity.

It had everything. Beauty and ugliness, joy and heartache, love and hate, fails and success …everything in equal measure. If 2016 was a film, it would have won an award.

What category? It would have swept up everything.

With my lessons learnt from the past year, I look ahead with eyes filled with hope, mischief and excitement. I’ve never been on for resolutions but I am one for lists and goal setting, and boy did I set my goals. These goals encompass all the things I want to work on, build and complete over the next 365 days in relation to my health and well-being, acting, music and writing.

I ask in earnest that you do the same too. Set your goals, plan your next adventure and promise to share and celebrate all the success and wins you have this year. I know I will.

I also want to take the time to thank all the angels in my life who helped me throughout the year, who laughed with me and were just down right amazing. Loves youuuuu!!!

Happy New Year.



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