Vlogging vs Blogging

Which Do I Focus On, Vlogging Or Blogging?

I’m often asked this question and its one I ponder myself  from time to time. I’ve always wanted to do both as it makes perfect sense, but my main issues have always stemmed from:

  • I’m not ready yet, am I ?
  • What can I vlog about?
  • Do I have the time?
  • Is my equipment good enough?
  • etc, etc,etc,etc,etc,etc….

But you know what…..these issues are sooooo fixable! People give me inspiration all the time so please, PLEASE leave suggestions in the comments area below for what else I could be doing as vlogs ;-), here’s one I did earlier!

A few of my favourite vloggers are Patricia Bright, Thuy Le, Sonjdra Deluxe, Its My Raye Raye – what are yours?



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