Christmas Gift Guide x No Mo-Stache

The Difficult One There’s always one person in your family or out of your friends who is tricky to buy for. They tend to be the one who has everything, the one who can seem picky or simply the one who doesn’t ask for gifts because people never seem get it right. Well, why notContinue reading “Christmas Gift Guide x No Mo-Stache”


SIMPLICITY I was gifted a few pieces from ChloBo and so I paired them up with this very simple look. Black midi shift dress from ASOS // Shoes from River Island / Jewellery from ChloBlo

How To Wear Coloured Contact Lenses

Wait…WHAT?! Don’t ask me how or why but for some reason, coloured lenses are now my thing (well, now a thing for me loool). It’s something I had never tried before but always wanted to and I just decided to do it! I went with a brand known as Lumy Lens as I follow aContinue reading “How To Wear Coloured Contact Lenses”

Keep It Simple Stupid

Keep It Simple Stupid Sometimes simplicity is key. I reached a point where I started to find my workload to either be inadequate or overwhelming. It swung from one extreme to the next and as you can imagine, it became super frustrating. Then the doubt creeps in with “are you doing enough” or even “canContinue reading “Keep It Simple Stupid”

Berlin Through My Lens

The Learning Curve What I learned on my trip to Berlin was that….I needed to get better at taking pictures of architecture abroad (well…architecture in general to be perfectly honest). More importantly however, Berlin was simply full of surprises! Berlin Through My Lens Now, up until this point, I had never been to Germany before.Continue reading “Berlin Through My Lens”

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