How to: Find Happiness in 30 Steps

List 30 things that make you happy.

Sorta quick, sorta easy… I had to stop thinking and just write what came to me as I started to over think and over analyse. How ironic.

Ok, here we go!!

1. Spending time with loved ones

2. Laughing uncontrollably

3. Enjoying a favorite meal

4. Exploring new places

5. Accomplishing a goal

6. Relaxing with a good book

7. Creating art or crafting

8. Listening to your favorite music

9. Dancing like nobody’s watching

10. Watching a beautiful sunset

11. Practicing gratitude

12. Helping others

13. Receiving a thoughtful gift

14. Having meaningful conversations

15. Playing with pets

16. Experiencing moments of pure joy

17. Traveling to a dream destination

18. Being in nature

19. Achieving a personal milestone

20. Learning a new skill

21. Making someone smile

22. Celebrating achievements, big or small

23. Watching a heartwarming movie

24. Completing a challenging puzzle

25. Participating in a favorite hobby

26. Singing along to your favorite songs

27. Enjoying a warm cup of tea or coffee

28. Practicing mindfulness or meditation

29. Exercising or engaging in physicalactivity

30. Finding serenity in moments of solitude

Phew… Made It!

Remember, everyone’s happiness is unique, so feel free to add your own special moments to this list in the comments below!


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