Fabulous Nails with Elegant Touch x The House of Holland

Fabulous Nails with Elegant Touch x The House of Holland Summer is coming (well, those of us in the UK hope so at least) and aside from the mandatory task of the beach body must have, achieving your summer glow, perfect nails and summer hair are also on the agenda. Read on below to discoverContinue reading “Fabulous Nails with Elegant Touch x The House of Holland”

GRWM | An Every Day Causal Look

For those asking for a simple, everyday look…here you go!! I’m really into Illamasqua at the moment so its products feature quite heavily here! Feel free to use what you have and what you feel comfortable with. xoxo

Batiste Stylist Hair Range Review

Batiste is synonymously known for its dry hair shampoo, something that has become increasing popular over the past few years. With a new styling range now on display and targeted at hair loving folk, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re rocking extensions, relaxed hair, a wig or **natural hair, anyone on the go or anyone whoContinue reading “Batiste Stylist Hair Range Review”

GRWM | New “Whirl” Lipstick, “Betty” Lashes and Messy Curls

Here’s a little something I did the other day, trying a new lipstick and lash combo! The main feature is a lipstick from Mac Cosmetics in “Whirl” (£15.50) which I paired with a “Chestnut” lip liner from Mac Cosmetics and the gorgeous “Betty” lashes from the Vintage Cosmetics Company (£6.00). I really loved the effect, theContinue reading “GRWM | New “Whirl” Lipstick, “Betty” Lashes and Messy Curls”

Maybelline Launch #BestFaceForward Launch

Last month I was able to attend the Maybelline #BestFaceForward Launch showcasing new products for the coming month!! The gems on display are outlined below xoxo Dream Velvet is a new soft-matte hydrating foundation, a tool to help create that flawless base we all want! Once upon a time, matte foundations were famous for drying out skin andContinue reading “Maybelline Launch #BestFaceForward Launch”

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