Fabulous Nails with Elegant Touch x The House of Holland

Fabulous Nails with Elegant Touch x The House of Holland



Summer is coming (well, those of us in the UK hope so at least) and aside from the mandatory task of the beach body must have, achieving your summer glow, perfect nails and summer hair are also on the agenda.

Read on below to discover how to make fabulous nails with Elegant Touch and the House of Holland.

Elegant Touch Polish in Garnet

I’m trying the *Elegant Touch Polish Nails in Garnet with the new super-flex technology (basically, it’s easier to bend to suit your nails for added comfort). These deep red hued garnet nails come with a high gloss finish and gives a rather vampy look. This may not be the light summer style you’re going for but it will keep your nails looking defined, polished and definitely adds to a sexy evening look. You can also wear these with their new Nail Guards for an easy peel off! The glue for the nails is included with these nails sets but make sure you are careful and apply only to the nail.


Overall, for a quick fix – these nails are long-lasting and smudge free. I found they lasted for roughly 10 days which suited me just fine. Make sure you apply enough glue as it will fall off other wise Priced at £6.59, these are perfect for a quick manicure rescue!

Annoyingly, this is the only picture I have with the garnet nails as it featured in one of my vlogs (oh my face lol)!


Raychel Says on Youtube

The House of Holland Nails by Elegant Touch – The Luxe Collection in Luxe

The House of Holland (nailed by Elegant Touch) nail range brings full on fashion and fun to your nails. From the House of Holland team (Henry Holland and Jenny Pasha), the range has something for everyone and is as daring and as colourful as you’d like.

The nails I have are *La Croix from the Luxe Collection and are the ultimate glamorous nude set of nails. The pack comes with a tube of glue of course and with an additional set of red and pink cross adorned nails, so it’s great to transition from summer day to summer night. You’re fabulous and fashionable as nudes are always in style! The set brings the delicate feminine grace with a bit of hard bling.

This pack is £12.99.


House of Holland – Luxe Collection

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