Mid Year Review – How To Stay On Track

End of Year Alert – How You Doing?

Yep. I know. It sounds crazy. But with only 5 months left until the end of the year, is it crazy? Is it?
I decided to write this post as a bit of a reminder to myself (I do love me a check list and check-up), to reengage with myself as I’ve fallen off the regular post system, see what trips I have left, what work I have on my plate, what else I could be doing, how close am I to my milestones I set for the year etc etc. I hope you find this useful as a little jog for yourself too!

As some of you may know, I made some huge life changes last year in order to be more focused, happier and healthier. A year on, and all I can say is life is good. It is not always easy and it’s filled with challenges every day BUT… they are so welcomed and I have a huge sense of pride when I overcome them.


My usual check list consists of :

  • Daily To-Do List – is it up to date, am I clearing it?
  • Daily Gym Session – 45mins each session. How I get ready for the day and help myself to stay alert and on target for my weight loss.
  • Looking over my key milestones for the year – how close am I to achieving it, what steps do I need to take? 
  • Remembering to breathe…

I find that by checking in on these things on a weekly basis, I more likely to hit my goals and get closer to milestones I’ve set for myself.

How is your mid review going? What do you do to check in? Don’t forget to comment below!



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