How to Count Your Blessings and Stay Focused

Do you ever have those moments where you might find yourself overwhelmed, at a loss, uncertain or just straight up whinging all the live long day?!?!

Well, I do.

It usually happens when I’m bored, overworked or when I’m spending too much time procrastinating. In those moments, I take a beat and count my blessings. Instead of complaining about the things I don’t have yet or about what I haven’t received – I take a beat to appreciate all the things I have because once upon a time… I didn’t have as much as I do now.

Try these at the start of your day and finish each sentence with what you are grateful for.

” I am happy and thankful for…”

“I am happy and grateful for…”

Really listen and feel what you are saying. It will change the perception of  your entire being. Have an incredible day. xoxo


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