BEAUTY: New Love – Umberto Giannini ‘Frizzi’

I’m continuing my love affair with Umberto Giannini this month and the ‘Frizzi’ is the perfect combatant against my personal trainer AND my choreographer!! Ok let me explain…

Putting my schedule aside….we all have busy schedules!! We join the gym bunny lifestyle, dance like no one is watching and basically sweat OUT whatever pretty hairstyle we are rocking every other day (give or take a day). The Umberto Giannini ‘Frizzi’ range is set to help in the battle against frizz and it is doing a fabulous job!


Get armed with the 250ml Bad Hair day smoothing shampoo (£5.50) and the Make My Day conditioner (£5.50), add in a dose of the Frizz Off blow dry cream (£5.50) or Transformation Fluid Silicone Serum (£6.00) and away you go! The Frizzi range is affordable and effective on all hair types (afro hair included). Give the Frizzi range a try and let me know your thoughts!!



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