Be Happy For This Moment

I was doing a search online, looking for quotes to share and I saw this:

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life”

Omar Khayyám

In that instant, I felt a surge of pure and unadulterated happiness I had to share. Now, this change in my emotional state wasn’t because I had been unhappy or anything like that, I simply felt an immense wave of gratitude and happiness for all that I had achieved and what was yet to come.

I’m definitely one that sits in the “What’s next” or “I need more, I need to do more” category and this quote forced me to take stock of what has happened so far in 2018. The most obvious one has to be how regimented I’ve become in regards to my health and fitness, my consistency with content creation, the discipline when it comes to my career and my new connectedness to people.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I have not been perfect and everything is not rosy. There are days when I don’t hit my deadlines, nothing goes right and I procrastinate like a mother f*cker; on those days – I simply pick one task and get that done. Just one. It usually acts as a kick start and snaps me out of the foolishness…usually.

In understanding my imperfections and challenges, I can accept my happiness and willingness to be happy. To be happy in this moment, for the moments that have happened and are yet to come, to realise I’m living my life as I choose to is so incredibly uplifting and humbling. Remember, I wasn’t always at this point and this just marks Year One of change and creativity.

What discoveries have you made about yourself this year or even recently? Take a second to acknowledge it and yourself! Don’t forget to leave comments below xoxo


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