5 Beauty Product Must Haves

What Must I Have?

My must haves change from time to time and the below are my simple bits and bobs that can change any day time look (with or with make up) or give you that injection of colour as and when you need it! Let me know if you use any of the products below x

Boots Botanics Hydration Burst Day Lotion

This is a new fave into the fold as originally, the Avene Hydrance Optimale Light was always my go to. The Hydration Burst Day Lotion is rich in Clary Sage and while it is light, it absorbs quickly keeping my skin smooth and hydrated! Its super simple, everything I’d need for a makeup free day and good skin!


MAC Cosmetics: Smoulder Eye Kohl

Ah, an unsung hero! The right black eyeliner or black eye kohl can change and dramatise a look in an instant. Smoulder from Mac Cosmetics is my preferred deepest and softest black kohl to use. I use it to line my waterline as it quickly provides an intensity to my eyes. Now whether you feather it out onto your lower lash line for a smoky eye or go the other way and blend it out on your eyelid, it’s a versatile tool that wont let you down. Oh…and it’s a b!tch to remove….but it’s worth it!


YSL Beauté: The Shock Mascara for False Lash Effect

Now it doesn’t exactly roll off your tongue , (I mean you try saying YSL The Shock Mascara for False Lash Effect five times in a row?!?! ) but it does delivers on its promise.

The amount of volume gained as you run the brush though your lashes is simply shocking and intense, everything I know I want in a mascara. This sits up there as my ultimate mascara as it gives dark, intense and dramatic volume.  You go from zero to one hundred in seconds.


MAC Cosmetics: Velvet Teddy and Chestnut Lip Pencil

Ah my babies, my absolute favourite nude and liner! For me, this is one of the creamiest of mattes, it turns a fairly meh make-up look into something DYNAMITE and sexy. I would go as far as to say, it suits all shades and skin tones ..ummmmm ok …. just swatch it before you buy it lol.

This nude lip literally saves the day!!


Milano Baked Blush: Corallina

This beautiful, pigmented and shimmery blush, works gorgeously against my skin tone and makes me think of summer every time I use it. Its super buildable and on the matte side but has a lovely warm finish! I think it’s really handy to have your favourite blush with you, nothing like a pop of colour to boost your mood.


Milano Baked Blush in Corallina (£10) / Velvet Teddy (£16.50) Chestnut Lip Pencil (£13) / YSL The Shock Mascara for False Lash Effect (£23) /  Smoulder Eye Kohl (£14.50)

Boots Botanics Hydration Burst Day Lotion (£8.99) (the link online for this product is incorrect :-/)

What are your must have make-up products? Share, share, share in the comments below!!








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