Three’s A Charm : Cassie, Solange & VV Brown Do V Magazine!

Cassie on her new sound and image:

“In my video we called it ‘giving ’90s supermodel.’ It’s the perfect definition of who I am right now and what I’m going through. People aren’t going to expect me to come out with what I have.”

V V Brown on her sophomore album Lollipops and Politics:

“My secondalbum has a message: it’s about my generation and things going on in the world. But I didn’t want it to come across preachy. I love writing upbeat songs with darker undertones.

Solange on her new music:

“My references for the record were all Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, not just their typical Janet and Prince stuff, but SOS Band and their b-sides with Chaka Khan. At first the songs were really dark because I had a premonition before the record that I was going to die. I was having panic attacks and wiling out.”

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