Summer Essentials with Beauty Bakerie

The Quest Continues…

Hi lovelies, continuing with my smudge-proof lip quest, I have something that also fits in with my summer essentials guide.

Introducing : The Beauty Bakerie . As I pop these products under the microscope, I’m curious to try them out as I’ve only heard good things about the brand. I already love how they swatch their products so you can see what it’s like against multiple skin tones, and I love the ‘baking’ and ‘bakery’ theme runs throughout!

Whip It Real Good

I had the pleasure of trying the *Mon Cheri Lip Whip and the *Versailles Lip Whip, both long-lasting, smudge proof and water-proof lip sticks. As much as I loved the concept behind this brand, their packaging and ideas, I was a bit sceptical on how it would deliver.  I thought at most, it would deliver on one or two out of the three promises they made. I was wonderfully wrong!

It’s Pretty in Versailles


The *Versailles Lip Whip is an interesting colour. It’s one that’s hard to put your finger on as it’s not quite  nude, not quite mauve and not quite brown. It’s described as a berry-sienna hue. Turns out, I’m quite partial to a berry-sienna hue 😀 .

When applying the lip whip, it’s important to remember it  goes on liquid and dries matte. For an intense, finished look – apply the product one coat at a time, wait for it to dry and reapply. I used about 2 coats below.


I really took my time with this as it is pretty  unforgiving when you make a mistake, like most make up. Also, I made sure to keep my lips ‘dry’. I used a balm at the beginning of doing my make up, so by the time I got to my lips, it was “normal” to touch. (There was no transference from the balm, so minimal interference with the lip whip).

Mon Cheri, Mon Cheri!!

Now, who doesn’t love a GREAT red lip? Who isn’t always on the hunt for the perfect red – the absolute killer, the “I will slay you with my smile” red?


This little beauty delivers on it’s rich and vibrant colour and is, of course, smudge-proof. There were no surprises on my teeth, on other people’s cheeks – it stayed exactly where I left it! I would describe the finish of *Mon Cheri Lip Whip  as a classic red matte and it suited my complexion quite nicely. I paired it with a Mac Cosmetics Chestnut liner for a smoother transition from my skin tone to the colour on my lips.

(If you’re worried about wearing bright or vibrant colour,  pick up a brown lip liner or a lip liner closest to your skin-tone and apply. Feather the lip liner in at the corners of your lip and apply your lip stick to the area that’s bare. Make sure it transitions to your liking.)


I loved the colours and the products.  Priced at £14.95, the Beauty Bakerie delivered.  It was easy to get on and difficult to get off – which is what you want in a smudge proof lip stick. Speaking of removal, I pursed and puckered up my lips to a face wipe, left it to “soak” for a few seconds and gave it a good wipe. I promptly moisturised afterward.

The Beauty Bakerie does have lips whips specifically designed to remove its lip whips and it’s worth investing in for an easier removal routine. This is definitely a happy addition to my summer essentials!


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