Interview: Check out Hobbie Stuart As He Talks Music and M.I.C

Making a bid for the focus of the music industry and the public’s heart for 2014, meet Hobbie Stuart, the UK’s newest gem on the horizon. With a consistent rise on YouTube , VEVO named this rising star as one of 2014’s Ones to Watch. Now stepping things up tenfold with the upcoming release of his new single ‘Still Here’ ft. Ghetts, read below as I catch up with Hobbie  about his début single, his album and the journey so far.

I hear you just had a photo-shoot, on the roof – how was that?

Oh my God!! It was very cold…and wet!

Excellent work so far on waving the flag for new British singer/songwriters – how exactly did you get into music?
I started off playing the guitar, cos my best friend played it and I thought it looked pretty cool. I was just singing around the house and my dad told me that I was good and that was that.
I was in a couple of bands as a little kid with a couple of friends from school and yeah enjoyed it, done some gigs, invited a lot of my friends to them and caught the bug from there. A couple of years ago decided my life wasn’t going where I wanted it to go, so just started uploading videos onto YouTube.

With your steady build-up of YouTube love and supporters – VEVO has now named you one of their ones to watch for 2014 – what did you do when you found out? How did you celebrate?
I didn’t really celebrate. I was excited when I got the email through, jumped around a lot, I was with one of my old housemates at the time, gave her a hug, but not excessive!

Your debut single ‘Still Here’ ft. Ghetts is out on Jan 12th – how did the collaboration of Ghetts come about? How did you pick him?
A couple of years ago, Jamal Edwards from SBTV, gave me a text saying he booked a studio session for me with Ghetts. I was like ok, it was well random, but I done a chorus for a Ghetts song and I’ve known him since then.
A few months ago I decided that ‘Still Here’ needed a rap verse – it was lacking something, I got in touch with Ghetts – he was up for it. He really loved the song and he likes my work and so he said absolutely, which is great cos he’s amazing. Not only is he a great artist, he’s got a really good personality too! He’s great, he got such a good energy and a vibe about him and he’s so enthusiastic. He’s a good guy! I was pleasantly surprised because from back in the day, from his music, he was a bit of an angry guy… (Laughs) but I’ve always been a fan.

Some of your favourite things to do have been listed as music, football and girls, how would you rank them in order?
The 3 finer things in life, that’s a good question.  That’s a really hard question (long pause) one of the hardest questions I’ve been asked (laughs)
Ok so, Girls, Music, Football, but I prioritise music over girls! You know, girls are great and they are so beautiful and you need them to live, to carry on humanity, so they gotta be first. But right now, I prioritise music.

I also hear you’re a M.I.C fan (Made in Chelsea) – please explain how that happened?! 
I love MIC, it is cringe but it’s great, I love it so much.
I’ve just done a shoot for Oliver Proudlock’s clothing line. Alex from MIC gave me a tweet a few weeks back, we also exchanged a few DMs, Proudlock tweeted me a few days back, saying check out Hobbie or whatever and then he just asked me to do a shoot for his clothing line. I’ve got a few pals on there now

Who in the cast do you like?
Spencer! He’s so entertaining – I just love him. I know people hate him but I don’t care – cos he’s just so entertaining, every week – he’s hilarious. I’m not saying I agree with his principles and all the things he does, but he makes me laugh.

With the New Year rapidly approaching – what do you have coming up in the horizon aside from the single release?
Very excited about the single, I’ve been working hard and waiting for a long time to release my music. I’ve been signed for over 2 years now, so now that it’s all come together – I am so excited. I’ve been like obsessing over my career for so long now, and it’s finally getting out there, it’s great I’m in a good place at the moment, hopefully it goes well.

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