Book 2018, Chapter 1, Page 2

Happy New Year!!!!

Goodness, Happy 2018 people!!! I’m wishing every reader of my blog (old and new) an incredible year ahead. Stay focused, keep your chin up and smash your resolutions and goals for 2018 right out of the park!! My goals for the year are in order, on the page and I’m ready to cross them off as each passing day goes by. At the top of my list was:

  • Take my Youtube channel seriously and share….2 videos a week!!!

This is going to be a really hard challenge for me as I’ve had my channel for a while now and I have been inconsistent, unsure and shy about it so I never did much (also the constant battle with my equipment isn’t good enough has been never ending!!!).

Below is my first vlog of the year #success , so here’s to more videos, fun topics and giving you an insight to what I get up to from time to time.  Please do share ideas and topic suggestion with me, there can never be too much!




  1. January 2, 2018 / 20:06

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