10 Things They Don’t Tell You About BreakUps

Breakups SUCK……Big Time.


I mean seriously, you make all these life long plans, take some big, bad boy steps all with the perfect partner I might add and then…


You break up. I mean…urgh… I HAVE A SCHEDULE TO KEEP!!! Sigh…so you pull yourself together as you still have to live life, you find yourself comforting friends who literally……I mean LITERALLY only talk about themselves because this is devastating FOR THEM and THEY didn’t know what was going on and THEY are finding this transition really hard….

#rollseyes #yawn #lookslikewearebreakinguptoo

You Drink Way Too Much Wine.


Wine becomes a new food group for you. It’s very tasty (I ignore all health warnings).

You Forget Why You Broke Up….Then You Remember It.


You’re a happy bunny, life is brighter, more beautiful again. You see something funny and reach to call him…then..


Literal punch in the face, coupled by tears and wait…yup, more tears!

Tinder is Basically BINGO!!


It really is, it’s like any game where a match equals a huzzah…I could even call it Mario Kart. I had the BEST time with Mrs.W on Tinder as basically she looked for potential matches for me ( I drank more wine). Every time she got me a match we cheered…and drank some more. Her then fiancé left us to it….good man.

Being Single Is AMAZING!!!

mljet - kortula-croatia-so-raychel-says

Waaaiiitttt……..footloose and fancy free?? Life is fantastic.

Being Single Is Sh*T.


Waaiiittt……. I definitely am a relationship person…like definitely. Ummm…..crap…*goes off to meditate*

No Wait….Being Single is Actually Amazing.


The header sums it up (By the way…nothing is reeeaallyy sh*t, you know that right?) I’m a fairly well adjusted individual that walks on the side of positive thinking. I got this.

You Are Your Own Captain… *fistpump*.


In all seriousness, these changes are predominately about growth and transitions. You can never predict the timing but it’s more often necessary than not. You learn from it, you get through it, you build and you grow.

You Have NO Idea What To Do Next.


Apparently, this is all part of an adventure called LIFE. The not knowing. I tend to focus on what I do know. I know that I have a career to build, friends to annoy and love mercilessly, and family to torment me with that “When are you getting Married question?” #africanfamilyvalues

It Started With Love And It Ends With Love.

It truly did, and it truly does.


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