Luxury Skincare with VivDerma

This Mother’s Day gift idea stems from the skin care brand VivDerma. Their products focus on improving all skin types and textures, so it’s definitely a must for those interested in skin care and how to improve it.

Skincare and Hydration

VivDerma provides a range of skin care products that filters down to skin clinic products and also skin rehab products. Their range is also suited to those who are vegan (if that’s a concern) and lasts roughly for 12 months depending on the consistency of use.

I have a thing about how beauty or skin care products sit in the palm of my hand and how easily they can be opened. The thing is… your bathroom changes a lot in terms of temperature – it can be really steamy or hot or cold etc so I don’t want to spend too much time trying to open a bottle of something (weird pet peeve, I know!!) I love when things feel quite solid or quite weighty and thankfully these two products fit into that very weird brief of mine!

The Perfecting Facial Oil is a rich, light and fragrant oil designed to keep skin hydrated, radiant and moisturised by deeply penetrating the skin. The addition of Moroccan Agran Oil and Rosehip Oil helps to prevent and reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as improving skin tone and texture. As its an oil, little goes a long way so it’s best to use a minimal amount and add more product if you need to.

The unique Smoothing Serum is also quite light and fragrant. It targets the reduction of lines and wrinkles, so I would pair these two together. Described as a progressive serum, it actively works to stimulate facial muscle contractions, giving an instant boost for younger looking skin. It’s worth reading more about this on VivDerma as they discuss the use of their SNAP-8 formula in detail and how it helps to combat fine lines and wrinkles.


Both products should be used on cleansed skin and are dermatologist-approved.  Filled with active and high-quality natural oils, both products are aimed at creating smoother and brighter skin – the perfect way to say Thank you Mum!!


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Perfecting Facial Oil £65.00 // Smoothing Serum £65.00

*PR Samples