Hey lovlies!!! Seeing as procrastination has its eyes on me, I thought I’d find a new way of refocusing my energies and share those with you. Below are some tips to implement into your morning routine and although you can tailor these tips to suit your lifestyle (you might prefer to do this during the afternoon to refocus), I know that if I don’t start the day right, I’m going to spend most of it trying to catch up.  Make note of the below and see if any of the rituals could be welcomed additions to your day-to-day.


pexels-photo-312839Meditation is to your mind what exercise is to your body. It makes you relaxed, focused and allows you to clearly yourself with constant practice.  There is no right way to do it so find what suits you best. Whether you include music, incense or nature’s white noise – find what works for you to be still and present. People meditate for different reasons be it spiritual, reconnecting with one’s self, reducing anxiety or for improved performance so decide how this practice can benefit you and enjoy some ME time.

That Gym Life

pexels-photo-317157Right, let me rephrase – you don’t have to be about that gym life but I do believe you should be as active as you can. Training and work out regimes are brilliant ways to start the day refreshed and energised. Working out first in the morning could mean that morning run in the park is peaceful, you avoid busy roads and traffic or better still, the gym is not packed and sweaty…yet. Get to it!

Inform Your Wellness 

Writing notes to yourself – your affirmations, reading or listening to positive and inspirational material is a great way to ignite the numerous possibilities ahead of you. Remember your day is a blank canvas and you are in complete control of what styles and techniques you use to create your masterpiece.


Check List at the Ready

I mentioned this in a previous post, for sure, but I love me a check list. I usually write a to-do list the night before and then adjust it if I need to first thing in the  morning. It’s the ideal time for jotting ideas as everyone is still sleeping and it is  the optimal time for creativity.  Can you wake up 30 minutes earlier then usual? Try to use your mornings to write ideas down, your feelings and thoughts or even to deal with emails and admin. If you really want to start your day on a positive frame of mind, how about writing 5 things you are grateful for each morning and build from there as your consistency improves?


What’s your morning ritual? Share it on the comments box below!