Hello my lovelies!!

It Began with A Kiss

*blows trumpet* I come bearing lip products with smudge proof benefits!!

This all began with a passage I read in a book,  the female lead had kissed her leading man and he pulled away wearing her lipstick. Although it conjured a very strong, steamy image….I thought to myself “shame about the lipstick though…”.

Then With a Bit of Sparkle

I reached out to a few people, PR companies and then some (!)  asking for recommendations and opinions on smudge proof lipsticks and lip-glosses. I mean, is there such a thing? …Really? I didn’t want to be duped by some advert or famous face – I wanted to know – do we have ample supply of smudge proof lip gems in this day and age??

Oh, It’s Lord & Berry!

With the above underway, I was grateful to be introduced to the brand Lord & Berry. Lord & Berry are an Italian boutique fashion house with the aim of providing innovative makeup, giving you the ultimate glamour, fashion accessory. 

These products are priced between £11-15, and the results are either gorgeously matte or super rich and vibrant. My favourites, out of the products I tried, where the lipsticks *China Red and *Cupid. They made my lips look full and defined. It simply glides, and that’s what you want in a lipstick! The *Rosso Veneziano gloss was incredibly rich, providing a burst of colour to add more intensity.

I ended up turning this review into a (slightly chaotic) YouTube GRWM video below as I simply LOVED the results . The slide show  above has the full names of the products used.  I couldn’t have been happier with the results.

*PR Samples