I’m My Own Boss

Like so many of you, I have always juggled a 9 to 5 role with my creative passions for as long as I can remember. I was always in the position where I had to work in order to fund my dreams. However, fast forward to present day and I now find myself as a creative freelancer! Hilariously enough, there is still not enough hours in the day as I want to see and do everything! The ethos and theme that is Organisation is also my very, very best friend, because without it, things can fall by the waist side.

Here are my 3 tips that help me stay organised :

3 Tips to Get Organised


Time Management – I think of time management as a way to keep myself in check. Along with my to-do list for the day, when I allocate time to tasks, it allows me to work out the structure of each of my days and to stay on top. I definitely have had moments when I let it slip!! I decided to watch TV instead of doing some work or just decided to a couch potato etc. What’s annoying is that I then remember what I was supposed to do and why, then I’m racked with guilt I start to question myself and this negative monster emerges!! So instead of that wonderful head trip, I opt for check list, deadlines and alarms!


Dedication – I think dedication takes a lot of will power, faith and action. You have to be active….just do it. That’s it. The more I do, the more things fall into place and the more exciting my journey becomes. I’m finally in a position to focus on the things I love and because of that I am dedicated. I want to share what I find, I want to act, I want to sing, I want to be creative. I have to deliver and that’s what drives me.


Consistency: Oh consistency, the mother of all things lol.  Being consistent means to compound what you do. Set your tasks, give yourself a deadline and repeat. That’s all you have to do – no matter how big or small the task…just repeat!

Repetition, repetition, repetition!

I used to have a funny relationship with consistency. Sometimes I did things when I said I would do, sometimes I didn’t, sometimes I failed to do anything and sometimes I was just plain lazy. Not good! It lead to zero content and zero accomplishments! Pairing consistency and dedication together can really turn your day, your project or your goals around.  So why not give it a go?

Hopefully this little post gets you thinking and moving throughout the year!

How do you get organised? Make sure to share your comments below!