Iconic London

Iconic London is a beauty brand that specialises in make up and brushes. Having heard a fair bit about them –  I was keen to give them a go, especially their newly redesigned brushes.

Evo Contour & Conceal Make Up Brush Set in Black and Rose Gold


Known as cruelty free brand, the Iconic London’s range is quite stylish with unique diamond-shaped handles, oval-shaped brushes and easy to grip handles. The Evo Contour & Conceal Make Up Brush Set in Black and Rose Gold (£42) is what I opted for as I liked the colours, and it felt like a good starter. The set included these brushes below (see guide above too):

  • 003 – To sculpt out your cheekbones
  • 004 – To highlight, contour and conceal
  • 005 – Can be used for eyeliner, brows and lip perfecting
  • 006 – The concealer brush, can also be used to contour and highlight nose and smaller areas. Ideal for eyeshadow and defining

I’ve had these brushes for a few months now and they look as new as the day I received them. It takes some getting used to if you work with beauty blenders a lot, but its super easy to use and clean which I do every week or so. I think these brushes are great with cream based products, the bristles are tightly packed so you don’t waste any make up or products used. And they look pretty ….YAY!!



Let me know your thoughts if you own these brushes or use something similar !