GQ magazine is on sale this Thursday

With her single Call My Name out on June 10th, read the inserts below as Cheryl talks to GQ about her thoughts on Simon Cowell, starting a family, her view on Cher Lloyd and her crush on Prince Harry (magazine out May 3rd)

On starting a family:

“I’d love kids…I’m obsessed with babies. Of course I’ve thought about baby names a million times. I like Alfie for a little boy….I know that’s what I  was put on the Earth to do – to be a mother.”

On Cher Lloyd:

“I went through hell to get her on that programme. Even with Simon. Everyone says stuff at the beginning of their career that they will learn to regret. It’s disappointing because I fought for her. Maybe I didn’t teach her as well as I thought I had.”

On Simon Cowell:

“What I will say is that business is not a nice area. And you might say that I am a business woman, but I’m not into cut throat business moves. Me leaving the show was nothing to do with my accent. I work with Americans all the time. (As for Simon, when I returned to the UK, I received a message saying) “Hello Cheryl. So now you’ve blown me up in Afghanistan, can we talk” – and we did….I’m not one of those people who holds a grudge about anything and I know exactly what went down.”

On Prince Harry:

“I love Prince Harry – good looking and a bit of a rebel,’ she says…Me and his dad [Prince Charles] are as thick as thieves and I knew Harry before I knew his dad, so we’ve met a few times…I think he’s amazing and I think you can relate to him because he’s made mistakes. He’s cool.”