Ready, Set, Glow…

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I love a bit of skincare backed by science. I have wanted to try 4:5:6 Skin for the longest time so I was very grateful to receive some products via PR. I put everything to the test and here are my thoughts!

The Science Bit

In short, 4:5:6 Skin prides itself on being customisable skincare for the skin phototypes 4,5 and 6. The melanin rich skin types ranging from light through to dark. It was pretty easy to find out where you sit. You jump on the site, you take a short quiz and they let you know what you need and in what combination!

What was even more amazing was learning about skin care for melanin rich skin. The lack of sun in colder climates means skins just gets duller, denser skin needs more hydration, melanin is protection for the skin so it’s important to keep an eye on irritants as it leads to hyperpigmentation. All handy tidbits for melanin skin types (the site was packed with information – definitely worth the read).


I took the test and discovered my phototype (V). I have combinations skin, prone to the odd breakout and hyperpigmentation is trying to become a feature in my life right now. Based on that info, I was advised to use the below:

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My routine became detailed but simple. To double cleanse I use Come Clean an oil cleanser and Green Bae, a creamy, luxurious feeling cleanser. They both break down the usual – make up, dirt and sebum build up without stripping the skin. This is then followed by a twice weekly exfoliating mask called To Be Clear, this provides deeper levels of cleansing and leaves you with a “new skin” feel.

After that, I reset my skin’s PH balance with the Mela Skin Reset, I then use an oil based serum – the Max Glow Getter Firming Radiance Serum which gives you a delicious glow. The Sevenly Delight Serum also adds a powerful punch leaving you dewy and even more glory. Both deal with hydrating your skin, protection against UV rays and doesn’t irritate the skin.

To tie that all together, I finish with the Day Hack Moisturising + Rebalancing Cream , perfect for combination skin as it mattifies and nourishes the skin without getting greasy. Yup, that’s me done. Oh and of course, sunscreen is applied for all things day time. I repeat this at night too.


I couldn’t be happier. My skin is clearer, smoother, plumper and always looking fresh. I do love a makeup free moment and I have to admit, it’s happening way more frequently. This is pretty perfect as I have a little one and I’m conscious of what products touch her skin.

I will add that the price points are pretty pricey but for good, healthy and happy skin…. It’s worth it.

Have you tried 4:5:6 Skin before? Let me know in the comments.


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