Taylor Swift: Look What You Made Me Do


Gosh I haven’t done one of these in a while!! This popped in my feed and I thought, how much time should I/we spend decoding this? Ok just a teeny bit.

Firstly, well done Taylor on shaking a leg or two in this video successfully! Secondly, this video is filled with SO MUCH meta-commentary, jabs and self-referential detail. Like…it’s borderline too much, ok – we get it! From the visual snake motif to the tombstone that reads “Taylor Swift’s reputation”, it’s a every well thought-out, well dressed video as it signals “out with the old, in with the new”. Taylor isn’t quite firing shots at anyone (yeah, right lol) , its more about the growth and changes she has had to face after seeing her reputation get shredded.

She really does hit it right on-the-nose (OUCH), but then, when has Swift’s brand been about subtlety. The song itself is very far from what we are used from Taylor Swift and it hasn’t been well received by critics but do watch below and leave comments. What do you think? xoxo


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