New Snow White and The Huntsman Pictures!!

Tough: This new image of Kristen Stewart in her Snow White and the Huntsman costume shows the actress as an armoured, sword-wielding Snow White

Snow White with attitude, here’s Kristen Stewart dressed as an armoured, sword-wielding Snow White for the film Snow White and the Huntsman out next June.

Ready for battle: Charlize Theron co-stars as the evil queen

Charlize Theron co-stars in the film as the evil queen in this version but note; there is also a second Snow White film out next year too, starting  Julia Roberts and Phil Collins’ daughter Lily Collins

Another big role: Australian actor Chris Hemsworth will play the huntsman, after earlier appearing in Thor and Star Trek

Super sexy hot stuff Chris Hemsworth will play the huntsman…..I can’t get over how hot this guy is (Not so much in this picture but looook )

Comic-Con début: The cast of Snow White and the Huntsman including Sam Claflin, Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron posed for photos


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