***MUSIC: Strikey ft Jai Amore – Dance Alone***

So guys, this week’s free track from Strikey is entitled ‘Dance Alone’ and features the vocal stylings of Jai Amore!

Take a listen to the latest and download here: http://www.supashare.net/ql2er5fhlc53

For those who don’t know, on one hand there’s Strikey, who with an independent release of his album ‘The Wait Is Over’ and singles ‘I Remember’ and ‘Midnight Mischief’, caused a stir on Myspace reaching 1.5 million page views whilst becoming YouTube’s Top 35 most viewed video hitting – 12,000 views in 24 hours for his second single!

And on the other hand, there’s Jai Amore – known for a whole range of musical feats and achievements, his musical collaborations remain understated. Not only has he worked with Strikey on a number of hit songs – that I have had privy to listen to already, he has also collaborated with the likes of Joe Budden, Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana and Chipmunk.

Great things are coming guys – stay in the loop!!

Website – http://www.strikey.co.uk and www.jaiamoreworld.co.uk


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