Levi’s Curve ID – Where’s My Levi’s Curve ID…?

I found myself at a loose end the other day and began window shopping at a shopping centre not too far from where I live. Having seen a few Levi’s adverts and already being a fan of their work, I entered a store ready to BUY  investigate a pair of their latest denim addition : The Curve ID –  “Unlike other denim brands, the Levi’s® Curve ID line utilizes a unique, custom fit system focusing on a woman’s shape and proportions, not her size…” that sounds good so far right?


I looked, paused, stared, touched and pondered, basically wrestling with my inner voice and the likelihood of Levis having created a pair of jeans so amazing… they would fit my exquisite frame (my 24″ waist and my 41″hips) , oh the excitement!! Everything looked fantastic I might add, the store was well light and inviting, the staff  seemed friendly (they didn’t have that glazed “Dont talk to me because I DONT want to get you another pair of jeans” expression ), denim was everywhere!

I got chatting with a very sweet shop assistant, we discussed my body in great detail , had a bit of a giggle and we selected a few pairs of jeans for me to try on in the fitting room. I got undressed, try a pair on, hmmn not quite right. I tried the next one – and then the next and with no success! It seems they forgot about my particular body shape and the simple fact that the jeans need to GO over my amazing behind to hug my little waist…..

The shop assistant tried to talk about the Supreme Curve edition (?) but at this point Zara caught my eye and ooo I wanted a dress!! #EXIT the store.


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