Cover Girl: Anne Hathaway Covers Interview Magazine

Available now: September's Interview Magazine featuring Anne Hathawa

Anne Hathaway graces the cover of the September edition of Interview Magazine looking beautifully ethereal and gothic – take a look!!

Dreamy: Anne looks ethereal in the classically themed black and white shoot

 Here’s an insert from the interview on playing Catwoman in the upcoming Batman film, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

“I actually had this moment when I convinced one of the assistant directors on the London portion of the film to get a cat with me, the idea being that we were going to get a kitten from a rescue shelter, and he was going to live with me, and I was going to observe it . . .her husband pointed out that that was a terrible idea on so many levels, not least of which being that it would probably be really confusing to the cat. So I turned to YouTube instead and got a National Geographic video on cats,” said Hathaway.

Racy in lace: Anne Hathaway poses provocatively in a black veil on the cover of Interview Magazine

Get a copy to find out why she also feels connected to Snooki, JWow and The Situation from Jersey Shore!!


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