Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson has stated he claims his son’s life could have been saved after a new report reveals the singer was resuscitated for ten minutes – an hour after he suffered cardiac arrest.

Excerpts from Jackson’s lawsuit document, which were printed by the News of the World states: “At 13:21 hours or 1:21pm, the nurses and physicians at UCLA detected a weak femoral pulse and cardiac activity for Michael Jackson.”

“At 13:22 hours he showed cardiac activity. At 13:33 he showed a weak ventricular rhythm (contracting of the lower heart chambers).”

The report went onto confirm that the legendary Billie Jean singer was breathing after receiving treatment at hospital.

Joe Jackson, who has publicly stated flaws in his son’s death, has said the new evidence is ‘damning’ and the King of Pop’s doctor, Conrad Murray should be imprisoned.

The lawsuit against Murray continues after reports suggest the doctor made a series of bad choices resulting in Jacko’s death aged 51.

He has been accused of stopping CPR to hide drugs, including the drug Propofol from paramedics, which is thought to have caused the singer’s cardiac arrest.

Only today reports of Michael’s medical stash has been released including 39 tubes of skin whitening cream which Jacko used to treat the disease Vitiligo.

Lawyers for Michael Jackson’s estate have also dismissed reports that Jacko left behind a ‘secret wife’ when he died last June.

TMZ.com, who famously broke the news of Jacko’s death reports that his lawyers claim: “Michael Joseph Jackson did not have a surviving spouse. He was not married at the time of his death”.